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Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) is a priority of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. TVET Authority has made efforts to bring reforms to TVET delivery that could result in greater provision of skilled human capital vital for the economic development. Fortunately steps are being taken toward bringing sweeping reforms, while priority sectors that have the highest potentials for immediate growth and employment, are being identified. Additionally, because TVET delivery has direct correlations with technical and pedagogical skills of teachers, TVET Authority is initiating standardized, competency-based, market relevant curricula, in close coordination with the relevant partners and sectors, to ensure its relevance in the labor market. Click For More

(ما نيروى بشرى مسلکى و متخصص را براى انکشاف افغانستان تربيت ميکنيم)

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TVET is currently being provided by both public as well as private institutions. The majority of the formal public TVET service providers are under the authority of the TVET Authority; however there are several public TVET institutions which are under the authority of other government ministries. In 2015, the total number of formal public and private institutions was 334; private institutes was 40 and public institutions was 294ږ In 2016, the total number of public and private TVET institutions increased by 17 to 351.However, 16 of the 17 new TVET institutions in 2016 were private institutions. There was only one new public TVET institution in 2017. At the same time, the total number of public schools that provide TVET services decreased by four in 2016 when compared with 2015. The reason why there was a decrease is the number of public TVET schools is because these public TVET schools become public TVET institutes as defined by the profile of the beneficiaries and the type of TVET educational services provided. When comparing the current number of public and private TVET schools and institutes (351) in 2016 with the number of public schools and institutes that provided such services in 2002 (41 – 29 schools and 12 institutes) the total number of service providers has increased significantly in the past 14 years. As in 2015, all 34 provinces have at least one TVET institution (school or institute) with Kabul City and Nangarhar continuing to be the two provinces with the most schools and institutes – 28 and 20 respectively. There are four provinces – Kabul, Bamyan, Wardak and Kabul City which have a greater number of institutes than schools. The distribution of schools is primarily in districts, while the institutes are located primarily in cities.

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