H.E Nadima Sahar Head for TVET authority

Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) is a priority of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. TVET Authority has made efforts to bring reforms to TVET delivery that could result in greater provision of skilled human capital vital for the economic development. Fortunately steps are being taken toward bringing sweeping reforms, while priority sectors that have the highest potentials for immediate growth and employment, are being identified. Additionally, because TVET delivery has direct correlations with technical and pedagogical skills of teachers, TVET Authority is initiating standardized, competency-based, market relevant curricula, in close coordination with the relevant partners and sectors, to ensure its relevance in the labor market. Moreover, National Education Strategic Plan III (NESP III) was also developed with technical assistance from development partners. This strategic plan focuses on three main components: 1) quality and relevance, 2) equitable access 3) efficient and transparent management. Since, TVET Authority is newly established, it will take needed actions when necessary, till it has fully developed its own National TVET Strategic Plan. TVET Authority is making efforts to standardize technical and vocational education with the aim of providing skilled human capital to a skill-deficient Afghan labor market of Afghanistan. I am confident that our close collaboration and cooperation with the our esteemed partners will achieve the new and timely goals we have set for ourselves.

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